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Students Ask the Government to Increase Access to Post-Secondary Education

Date posted: October 28, 2011

Earlier this week, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) presented the government with their vision for Canadian post-secondary education: it should be more accessible, and of a higher quality.

Image from the CFS document

In its lobby document entitled “Public Education for the Public Good“, the CFS pinpointed today’s greatest problem in higher education: tuition fees and student debt have reached new heights. Students want the federal government to take responsibility and act to correct the situation. “Most people believe that Canada’s future economic health relies on a well-financed and accessible post-secondary education system. The federal government must act to put an end to the increase of fees that the users of this public service are required to pay,” said Roxanne Dubois, National Chairperson of the CFS, in a news release.

In “Public Education for the Public Good”, published on October 24th, the federation proposes 5 recommendations to improve higher education in Canada. The main recommendation is to “develop and implement a national vision for a high quality and accessible system of post-secondary education.” To achieve that, the government should implement a Post-Secondary Education Act.

The CFS also recommends an increase to the number of grants allocated to students in order to reduce their debt, to allow more funding for research and graduate studies, to help Aboriginal students pay for their studies and to find ways to evaluate the success of these measures.

The federation has more than 600 000 members and has represented students across Canada since 1927.

Sources: Canada Newswire and CFS