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As we have highlighted in this newsletter, Higher Education Marketing utilizes many Google products to maximize schools’ position on search engine results pages and to improve their ROI.

This does not mean that schools need to be using all of these products right out of the gate. Gradually, as a school begins to leverage online marketing channels to help their recruiting efforts, they are going to encounter these tools. The more they are capable of interweaving their abilities and technologies, they more successful and efficient their overall marketing will be. The process, however, takes time.

Nevertheless, there are some very clear benefits to linking Google Products. The most important being that it gives your school more visibility on Google’s results page.

Prospective students will generally search first for programs and schools that are local, and if you have a Google Places listing, that listing may appear. However, if your website is optimized for that particular keyword, even your organic listing may appear, giving your school two listings on the main page. If your school is using Google Adwords, you can also have a pay per click ad running, giving your school or program a third listing on the first page of the search engine results.

By leveraging the separate Google Products, therefore, you can dominate the results page, appearing on the map, in the ads and in the organic listings.

Higher Education Marketing did something similar recently with the redesign of the Automotive Training Centre website, instituting an SEO campaign to increase its search engine rank and lead generation and linking Google Adwords and Google Places.

Doing so will help your website stand out from the other pay per click ads you are competing with by giving the listing an extra embedment. That embedment (seen below) is a result of the linking of the two aforementioned products.

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