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Higher Education Marketing presented a webinar on May 17, 2012 discussing online lead generation for higher education. The webinar covered the basics of online lead generation including:

• Segmenting your prospects
• The enrolment funnel
• Sources of leads
• Anatomy of a landing page
• Conversion

We then presented 12 Best Practices for the higher education marketplace including:

• Conversion segmentation
• Content matching/scent
• Focused messaging
• Microsites
• Offers
• Multi-step forms
• Rich media
• Trust elements
• Tracking with analytics
• Testing
• Using an Agile marketing approach

You can review the slides of the webinar here:

You can review the video of the webinar here:

Here are links to a couple of references referred to in the presentation:

1) The Conversion Probability Formula by Dr. Flint McLaughlin at Marketing

2) MarketMotive’s Conversion Optimization Practitioner Certification, taught by Bryan Eisenberg, is a great way to educate yourself on the art and science of conversion.
See details at Market Motive.

We would love to hear your feedback on our webinar or any of these resources on lead generation.

For an intersecting counterpoint opinion about lead generation, here is a blog post entitled, Why Lead Generation is Irrelevant. It argues that B to B marketers must move their current focus away from lead generation to demand generation and lead management. It provides some good food for thought for educational marketers.

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