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Your institution is present on all major social media avenues, yet you fail to see results in lead conversion and wonder how you can make sure that your efforts are being rewarded?


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Here are 3 quick steps to boost lead generation: 

1. Quantify and analyze your social media traffic

How can you assess the value of your social media efforts without measuring their impact first? Quantifying and analyzing your traffic will offer you great insight into the main avenues where your institution is getting most leads and will help you to pinpoint where your greatest efforts are needed to keep building your presence in your community.

2. Blog, blog, blog

Many educational institutions have a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Yet, many fail to develop a proper blog on their website. Blogging can be tricky as many institutions gather various departments that are mostly autonomous or are so small they feel they do not have the resources to have a blog. Yet, having a blog that reflects your institution and its values is a great way to center all your social media efforts and to position your school as an authority. All it takes is a little creativity to really get your name to stand out. Take a look at what other universities have done. Dan Klimm of recommends that students be involved in the process.  Who knows better than them what the school is like and what prospective students worry about/are looking for? They are your best advertisers! According to a recent study, the frequency of your blogs is closely related to lead generation. So whatever type of blog you choose to reach your prospects, make sure it is frequently updated and always extremely relevant.

3. Create an email subscription

Once the blog is up and running, feel free to add short and clear calls to actions. You can also self-reference yourself in your posts on Twitter and Facebook. These links can send prospects back to your website where they can subscribe to your blog or newsletter (make sure the landing page is impeccable!). Try to avoid “Email subscription” as its committed overtone may scare some students away. “Stay in touch” or “Keep me informed” are great alternatives to get your readers to sign up.

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